Architectural Review

Architectural Guidelines (download .PDF)
Homeowners should follow the above Guidelines when deciding to upgrade the exterior of their homes.

Architectural Change Application (download .PDF)
Homeowners should use the above application when submitting architectural changes to the Board for approval.

Architectural Change Checklist (download .PDF)
This is the supporting document that is referenced in the above Architectural Change Application.

Alfandre Model Approved Roofing Materials (download .PDF)
Alfandre models are encouraged to retain cedar. Cedar replacement roofs will be immediately approved. We acknowledge that many homeowners prefer budget-friendly alternatives, so we have researched and selected a few non-cedar alternatives. Before you go this route, please understand the importance of cedar roofing as an architectural element on Alfandre homes. It defines them from other homes. It gives them special character, and makes a quality statement that can retain the value of a home, as well as those that neighbor it.

Architectural Review Process
When homeowners prepare to make any permanent architectural changes or improvements to the exterior of their property, an Architectural Change Application (ACA) must be submitted to the Board of Directors (or Architectural Review Committee) PRIOR to beginning any work and written approval must be received by the Association PRIOR to beginning any work. The architectural change application must be submitted by the 2nd Tuesday of the month to be considered at that month’s Board meeting (see timeline here.)

The architectural change application should be accompanied by as much detailed information as possible in the way of designs, plans, drawings, specifications, etc. Also, a separate architectural change application should be submitted for each project to be undertaken, even if the homeowner intends to carry out several projects at the same time. When necessary, and to facilitate with the process, PMP staff may contact the homeowner if important information is missing from the architectural change application.

The Association has sixty (60) days to review the Architectural Change Application and a written response will be provided to the homeowner within 60 days of submission of the architectural change application. The homeowner has the right to appeal the decision to the Association’s Board of Directors which would require a 2/3 Board majority to overturn the decision. If an appeal is received, then the homeowner will receive a Hearing Notice with the date to appear before the Board of Directors to state the appeal.

If a homeowner does not submit a architectural change application and proceeds with the exterior change/modification without written approval from the Association, or in the event that a project was not completed according to the homeowner’s original application, then the homeowner will be informed that he/she must either submit a architectural change application or bring the property back to its original state prior to the architectural change/modification. If the change/modification is in violation with the Association’s governing documents, then the homeowner will be responsible for returning the property back to its original state at the homeowner’s expense.

If you need additional information or request assistance with completing the Architectural Change Application, please contact Property Management People at 301-963-3337.