Snow Removal | Alert Gaithersburg

Hello Neighbors,

City of Gaithersburg Snow Removal Policy
In preparation for this weekend’s snow storm, please be reminded of City of Gaithersburg’s Snow Removal Policy:

“Residents and business owners in Gaithersburg are required to remove snow and ice from the public sidewalks abutting their property within 12 hours of the last precipitation; however, when possible, property owners should wait until the snow removal crews have cleared the roadways to avoid continuous clearings.”

In the past, the City has fined homeowners who have not cleared their sidewalks. Please be mindful of the safety of your neighbors, and make a diligent effort to clear your sidewalks in a reasonable, timely fashion.

The Policy in its entirety can be found, here:

Alert Gaithersburg
Additionally, any residents that have not already done so may sign up for the City of Gaithersburg Alert System, Alert Gaithersburg.

“Alert Gaithersburg is a notification system that can immediately contact subscribers during an emergency or relay time-sensitive weather, traffic and public safety information. It delivers important emergency alerts, notifications and updates to several electronic devices simultaneously, including multiple e-mail accounts (work, home, etc.), and cell phones.”

To sign up or learn more on the City of Gaithersburg Alert System, please use the following link:

Have fun, and be safe!

Thank you,
Glenn Watts
Board of Directors, Washingtonian Woods HOA