Spring Inspections | Guidelines Update

Hello Neighbors,

Annual Spring Property Inspections
Annual compliance reviews are scheduled to begin in mid-May for all owners of single family homes in Washingtonian Woods. These inspections are to verify that every property is in full compliance with the Association’s governing documents, and the reviews are conducted during this time of year in order to give everyone an opportunity to make necessary corrections and repairs during the best possible weather conditions. Please note the Annual Compliance Review is in addition to regular drive through visits. The reviews are done from the streets and common areas, and may include photos. Please be aware, no one will be coming onto your property.

Below is a partial check-list for your reference:
• All roof shingles and exterior siding are in place
• All exterior brick, stone, and siding is clean and free of stains
• All exterior trim, features, and cornice are in place and in good shape
• Exterior lighting is functioning and in good shape
• Garage doors are in good shape
• All shutters are in place, the same color and not faded
• Mailboxes are straight and have the address present
• Mulch beds are free of weeds
• Plant material and trees (including branches), are in good shape
• Fence, if applicable, is in good shape
• Deck, if applicable, is in good shape

If you receive a compliance notice, and need additional time to address the condition, please contact PMP at 301-963-3337 or [email protected], to request an extension.

Your efforts in keeping Washingtonian Woods an attractive and appealing community in which to live are very much appreciated.

Architectural Guidelines, 2019 Updates
At the April 2, 2019 Board meeting the Board of Directors approved some minor updates to the Architectural Guidelines: 1) the telephone number for PMP was corrected throughout, and 2) the following language was added to pages 2 and 3 to clarify the differences between repairs and replacements:

All replacements, changes and upgrades require an Architectural Change Application form. All replacements, upgrades and additions must be formally considered by the HOA Board of Directors. An Architectural Change Application is required for each change and major replacement — this includes garage doors, fences, roofs, siding and window replacements, even if the material and product is “like and kind”.

Repairs are different than changes and replacements. For example, if part of your siding becomes damaged, you may repair that section with matching “like and kind” pieces. However, if you choose to replace all of your siding, that would constitute a major replacement, and would require a completed Architectural Change Application form. Additionally, other major replacement projects such as garage doors, roofs, windows, decks, fences, walkways, and stoops also each require a completed Architectural Change Application form.

The updated document can be found our neighborhood web site, here.

Thank you,
Glenn Watts
Board of Directors, Washingtonian Woods HOA