Formation of Architectural Subcommittee

Hello Neighbors,

The Washingtonian Woods HOA Board of Directors has recently formed a new Architectural Subcommittee to further define how to maintain and change our homes in accordance with the HOA bylaws.  This is great news in that the application and approval process will be more streamlined and the original intent and architectural “harmony” of the neighborhood will be more closely adhered to.

Guidelines for changes to things like garage doors, landscaping, roofing, driveways, and more are being worked on right now.

In the meantime, please revisit the Bylaws and Covenants you received when you bought your home.

Q: Will I be asked to replace the windows I just put in last year, if they are in violation of the new standards?

A: No. This is a “moving forward” document and an addendum to the HOA bylaws.

Q: What if I have a change pending now? Will the writing of this new document hold me up?

A: No. Our property management company (PMP) and the HOA Board of Directors are proceeding as usual. The HOA responds to requests within 60 days of receipt of application; usually sooner.  Please understand, however, if your project falls under a category that is “under discussion.”  This may cause a slight delay.  (We will be in touch, if that’s the case.)

Q: Can’t I just paint my door the same color as my neighbor’s door to save time?

A: No. And here’s why: over the last twenty-some years, many homeowners made unapproved changes.  They incurred violations and it cost them money.  Starting this year, we are getting back to the original intent and look of the neighborhood — but a 2014 version of this neighborhood.

We promise that this is a great, invigorating step toward maintaining the appearance and value of one of Gaithersburg’s most classic family neighborhoods.

Look for details in your mailbox and on our website,, later this year.

Thank you,
Michelle Culp
Board of Directors, Washingtonian Woods HOA
Chair, Architectural Subcommittee