Tree Revitalization Project | Additional Entrance Monuments

Hello Neighbors,

Tree Revitalization Project 
The Washingtonian Woods Homeowners Association has signed a four (4) year tree revitalization project with Potomac Garden Center, Inc. According to our current landscaping company and arborist, there are over 40 declining trees between the berm alongside Muddy Branch Road.

The first phase of the project will begin this coming Wednesday, October 7th, 2015. At this time several of the declining trees will be removed and the stumps will be grinded (these trees have been marked with neon green ribbons.) Beginning on October 12th, 2015 Potomac Garden Center will be installing the new plantings. This should take approximately two (2) days.

For reference, please see the map below:


If you have any questions please call 301-963-3337 or email [email protected].

Additional Entrance Monuments
The Board has also approved the replacement of the two remaining Muddy Branch Road entrance monuments. These two monuments at the southern entrance of Midsummer Drive and Muddy Branch Road will be getting installed this month. The new signs will be identical to the two that were previously installed (at the northern entrance of Midsummer Drive and Muddy Branch Road) back in the spring. Construction, once started, should only take several days.

Thank you,
Glenn Watts
Board of Directors, Washingtonian Woods HOA