Clubhouse Lower Level Remodel | Trivia Night | Washingtonian Woods Gives Back

Hello Neighbors,

Clubhouse Lower Level Remodel
The Board is excited to share that construction has begun on the remodel of the Clubhouse’s Lower Level. With this remodel, the kitchenette will be modernized with all new appliances, storage areas will be greatly increased, and newly installed flooring will be better able to withstand heavy all-purpose use.

The Board would like to thank fellow neighbors, Marc Feinstein and Nick Bobruska, for their continued efforts and time to help this project become a reality. We expect construction to be completed within the next month or so. In the meantime, you may see the original architectural renderings as well as a few construction photos below.

Neighborhood Beautification Efforts

The lower level remodel is the fifth major renovation project that the Board has undertaken over the last 15 years in an ongoing effort to continuously beautify and modernize our neighborhood. Previous modernization projects have included adding a second level to the Clubhouse (2008), modernizing the swimming pool in 2010 (installing new Pavilion, replacing pool deck, pumps, filters, and underwater lights), installing new entrance monuments (2014-2017), working with the City of Gaithersburg on additional neighborhood street lighting (2014), and a major tree re-vitalization project (2015-2019). The Board puts a lot of effort into being responsible fiscal stewards, maintaining its fiduciary obligations, while at the same time responsibly investing in our neighborhood’s beautification efforts. The Board has not raised HOA dues over this time, but rather has been able to keep them at a constant $74/mo, and our financial position continues to remain sound.

Washingtonian Woods Gives Back
A note from neighbors and event organizers Marcie Blackman and Rhonda Haley:
“Washingtonian Woods Neighbors, Families and Friends: Our Washingtonian Woods Gives Back event was a HUGE success. We cannot thank you all enough for your generosity. We are so very fortunate to have had the support of not only those that live in the neighborhood, but others outside of Washingtonian Woods who wanted to help with our efforts this year! With your help we supplied 15 families and a total of 48 children with an amazing holiday!

We want to give an extra special thanks to our elves, Kim Dalin and Marci Millen who helped us wrap, organize and pack up all the gifts on delivery day. Thank you also to our amazing driving elves, Jen Feinstein, Amy Fink, Sue Ann Martin and Angie Watts, who helped deliver more than 50 Santa sacks to their Christmas destinations.

We had so much fun putting this project together. It brought tears to our eyes to see so much generosity and support for this wonderful project. We cannot wait to continue this tradition next year. It takes a village and we are certainly lucky to have this one!

We wish you all a happy and HEALTHY holiday season!”

Washingtonian Woods Trivia Night, This Saturday Night, 8PM
Washingtonian Woods Trivia Night is back…and better than ever this Saturday, December 19 @ 8:00 PM!

One of the most popular and reputable trivia companies in the area, District Trivia (, will be running the show this time around (thank you to Dan Goldsamt and all previous resident hosts!) The “friendly competition” will run for about an hour and be comprised of three rounds of (a wide-variety) questions.

In order to play, sign up here: 16 players/teams have already signed up.

At 7:00 PM on Saturday (12/19), neighbor Dan Goldsamt will send out further, more specific directions to those who’ve registered. Share this with your friends (if they live in the neighborhood), with your neighbors (who may also qualify as friends), and with your neighbors’ friends (if they live in Washingtonian Woods).

Looking forward to “seeing” you there!

Neighborhood Web Site
This email communication as well all previous HOA emails are always cross-posted in the “News” section of the Washingtonian Woods Web Site ( Neighbors are encouraged to reference our web site as it contains helpful links and neighborhood information.

Thank you,
Glenn Watts
Board of Directors, Washingtonian Woods HOA