Draft Guidelines: Public Comments | Extended Comment Period

Hello Neighbors,

The Board of Directors has extended the comment period for the Draft Architectural Guidelines and Draft Architectural Change Application an additional 30 days.  The comment period will now close on May 15, 2015.

We thank everyone that has shared comments to date, both in written form as well as in person at the March Board Meeting.  The written comments that have been received so far are listed below for your review (each is a downloadable .pdf file):

1 Driscoll Court, Sneeringer
1 Flameleaf Court, Burstein
3 Argosy Circle, Vazquez
3 Driscoll Court, Meyers
9 Flameleaf Court, Miller
14 Flameleaf Court, Riggsbee
101 Canfield Hill Drive, Belgard
103 Driscoll Way, Chiet
108 Argosy Drive, Farrell
114 Englefield Drive, Zaiderman
119 Upshire Circle, Robinson
203 Midsummer Drive, Spiegel
211 Argosy Drive, Epstein
213 Midsummer Drive, Blaker
220 Midsummer Drive, Wenk
224 Midsummer Drive, Nussbaum
235 Midsummer Circle, Brady
304 Midsummer Drive, Murayama
318 Midsummer Drive, Leshin
319 Arogsy Drive, Ellinport
408 Midsummer Drive, Blackman
418 Upshire Circle, Mark, Box
445 Upshire Circle, Bonaz
Minutes Excerpt from 3/24/15 HOA Meeting (oral comments)
Minutes Excerpt from 4/28/15 HOA Meeting (forthcoming, pending formal approval)

We will amend this page with future comments as they are received.

Additional comments may be submitted via email or postal mail to:

Property Management People, Inc.
955A Russell Ave
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
℅ Timothy Mulford
[email protected]

The Board and Architectural Review Committee welcome comments from the community.  Community comment and input will be taken into consideration when proposing any modifications to the draft documents.  Any updates or alterations to the draft documents as a result of the public comment period will also be shared with the community.

Thank you,
Glenn Watts
Board of Directors, Washingtonian Woods HOA